Ви шукаєте цивілізований шля утилізації офісної макулатури? Вам потрібна впевненість в тому, що макулатура, яку Ви здаєте, дійсно використовується, як вторинна сировина? Тоді запрошуємо приєднатися до нас!
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A4 Club (ENG)

Are you looking for an environment friendly solution to recycle your office wastepaper?
Welcome to A4 CLUB: office wastepaper collection & recycling service!

A4Club offers a practical solution aimed to protect the environment and promote
the GREEN OFFICE concept.

It is implemented since 2010 in partnership with the CSR Community of Practice and
national campaign “Go Green”, initiated by UN in Ukraine under the auspices of Global Compact.

Program participants are provided with the eco-friendly waste paper containers, which are emptied
by the program staff upon request, the waste paper being taken for recycling within three days after
the order is made.

Would you like to go further and start using recycled office supplies?

Please, visit our A4 Green office shop which operates only for A4Club members and allows cutting the delivery costs.
There you will find recycled multifunctional paper and recycled products
such as designer board and paper, envelopes, bags and pouches,  paper cups,
paper for packing, paper pens and other supplies. Please, let us know if you
need any of these or other items and we will keep them in stock especially for you!

Are you interested in green advertising?

Our new containers were designed especially to be used for green advertising purposes.

– the surface of the container, which can carry your message is 1,44 м2
– digital printing can be used
– container is durable enough to be used for two years
– green ads can be used both inside your own company to inform the “inner client” as well as in the premises of other companies, organizations or office centers
– using green ads you contribute to greener environment as you help to the recipients of branded containers start using green waste management technologies, which they possibly would not afford otherwise)))

To join A4Club, please contact Ms. Yuliya Begma at:y.begma@a4club.kiev.ua